Welcome to the 6th Annual Ashland Literary Arts Festival! This year’s event focuses on independent story and thought throughout the entire Cascadia region, celebrating not only books, but all forms of expression: literature, poetry, journalism, art, lyrics, comics, film, and documentary. We invite you to come on in, explore the festival schedule, and find the stories that speak to you!
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Stephanie Raffelock

Willamette Writers
Author and Director of Youth Programming

Stephanie Raffelock is an overly caffeinated, type-A personality, and novelist on the verge.  A graduate of Naropa University’s program in Creative Writing and Poetics, Stephanie worked an internship at The Boulder Daily Camera and has penned articles for The Aspen Times, Quilters Magazine, Care2.com, and Nexus Magazine. She currently writes a bi-monthly column for SixtyandMe.com, and is a regular contributor to Next Tribe E-Zine.

She sits on the board of Friends of the Hannon Library and is the Director of Youth Programming for Oregon’s Willamette Writers.

A committed a student of story, Stephanie enjoys literary representation with Dystel, Goderich and Bourett, LLC in New York. You can reach out to her at www.stephanieraffelock.com