Welcome to the 6th Annual Ashland Literary Arts Festival! This year’s event focuses on independent story and thought throughout the entire Cascadia region, celebrating not only books, but all forms of expression: literature, poetry, journalism, art, lyrics, comics, film, and documentary. We invite you to come on in, explore the festival schedule, and find the stories that speak to you!

Matt Damon

Ashland, Oregon

Matt Damon is an author, storyteller, teacher, librarian, and parent who brings humor and a dynamic presentation style to the telling of tales. Whether he is sharing a traditional folktale from another time and place, or his own award-winning book, The Fall of General Custard, audiences of all ages are sure to be delighted. Matt is a graduate of Southern Oregon University’s Master of Arts in Teaching degree program. He has taught and lived in Ashland, Oregon for 20 years, and enjoys this beautiful part of the world with his wife Jennie and his daughters, Hana and Maile.