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Alex Cox

Exterminating Angel Press
Filmmaker, Illustrator
Colestin Valley, Oregon

Alex Cox, internationally known film director, writer, and actor, whose credits include Repo Man (1983), Sid & Nancy (1985), Straight to Hell (1986) Walker (1987), Highway Patrolman (1991), 3 Businessmen (1996), Revengers Tragedy (2002), Bill the Galactic Hero (2014), Tombstone Rashomon (2017), and other films, loves the cinema and Southern Oregon. He has written much about the former in books such as X Films, 10,000 Ways to Die, Introduction to Film, and his most recent book, I Am A Number, an analysis of the TV series “The Prisoner.”

As for the latter, he’s a resident of the Colestin Valley, outside of Ashland, and a proud member of the Colestin Valley Volunteer Fire Department.