Welcome to the 6th Annual Ashland Literary Arts Festival! This year’s event focuses on independent story and thought throughout the entire Cascadia region, celebrating not only books, but all forms of expression: literature, poetry, journalism, art, lyrics, comics, film, and documentary. We invite you to come on in, explore the festival schedule, and find the stories that speak to you!

Luminaire Press

Booth First Floor Hannon Library
We’re passionate about books. We love their heft, their crisp pages, the smell of fresh paper and ink or the dust of ages trapped in their leaves. We tingle when we enter libraries and bookstores and enjoy a frisson of desire when we see a beautiful cover.

And we love words: reading them, writing them, editing them. We love wrangling a sentence into shape, finding an elegant transition, tweaking a title to perfection, and experiencing the pleasure of opening a new book to chapter one.

We like working with authors who feel the same.

Our goal is simple. As your publishing partner, we want to help you make a book that you will be proud of. We pledge to guide you through the maze of book creation and provide the high­-quality, affordable services that you need to have the best publishing experience possible.